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The World-Cultural-Heritage in 2024

Situation of the Earth

Ursula Sabisch, Empress, Am Aehrenfeld 15, 23564 Luebeck, Germany

To the Psychiatric Service




Luebeck, 17 January 2024

The German-language document you may find here!

Paranoid characteristics of the population and summary of the situation of the Earth.

Paranoid personalities (

Ladies and Gentlemen, Dear Readers,

Unfortunately, the zeitgeist is not waiting for you or me and others, but is constantly advancing and expanding, and it never stops expanding!

And if you as a person initiate or want to initiate something against it on your own initiative, something that makes sense for all people equally and that can also lead to a good end, then the devilish zeitgeist is on high alert.

It should be mentioned that there are some people in the whole world, and not just my person, who are directly and therefore professionally designated by the highest Authority to keep the devil in check, so that he is not completely "created out of the world", which can hardly be realised without the express will of God, but the devilish spirit, which can take over every human being, is not allowed to possess the power that he currently embodies!

And yet my person remains with the published planning and implementation in the matter and commission from the Creator of the Heavens and the Earth and also hopes for a kind of authentication or legacy from the Creator through a very old archaeological find in the Orient, probably in Egypt.

Of course, the zeitgeist will appear and work differently in the Orient than in the Occident, for example, because it or, in the superordinate sense, the Creation itself has also provided for some diversions of the diabolical zeitgeist being. 

So there may also be some additional difficulties that will arise in distant countries, especially due to the presence of my person.

However, through the meeting with King Juergen last summer, my person is aware that the King has already travelled to some countries on earth, whereby some things will have taken place directly under the Heavens, in which highly valuable preparatory work was also done.

Furthermore, my person was able to notice, among other things, an additional confirmation of the separate whereabouts of the Clergy through an event or occurrence, so that the old castles, the old monasteries and old fortresses of the world must indeed be prepared for a possible future in accordance with the requirement made on the Internet!

Even if it will be a high cost issue, the matter and the commission need these contact points with overnight accommodation for special groups of people, including tourists and cultural travellers.

For security reasons, there will be no agreement between those responsible for the countries already visited by the King, for example. The Emperor could also possibly have been travelling abroad, whereby my person could also travel to the same countries, which is left to fate or the Monumental-Area.

This will be done by having a renowned travel agency book all of the upcoming trips for my person and accompanying persons, whereby the castles of the world should already be set up, as overnight accommodation should be available!

And now it is high time: Because the signs of the times will not only become clear through the environment or through the universe, but also the earth is already giving clear signs, so that it will not be long before the old castles of the world can withstand and remain in existence for a long time to come due to the reaction of the earth.

The state of my health, for example, and the difficulties of ageing are also unpredictable factors that will probably not improve, but rather worsen in the opposite direction!

However, the possibility that the universal remedies already mentioned on the Internet can be applied and that more and more miracle cures can be made possible by predetermined accompanying persons or by specialists from the psychiatric service would be given to all people through the announced completed journeys. 

Of course, through the flights of my person and especially with at least one companion from my family, things will also be able to develop in the afterlife that could be the trigger for the departure and arrival of the UFOs on earth in order to ensure the stability of the earth to some extent in the end.

The whole matter presupposes a common direction and a world leadership in which at the same time every thinking citizen in the world is given the opportunity to take "stock of his or her life balance" for the Last Judgement by being able to choose or swap to the right and safe side of life.

Also, unfortunately, a nuclear war or the triggering of nuclear explosive devices and thus dangerous atoms in the atmosphere must at least be reckoned with, so that it would indeed be possible for a predetermined person in my family to greatly limit or even completely remedy the damage caused by my presence.

Of course, my person would very much like to do without the cultural trips, but unfortunately it has never been according to wishes of my person, but always according to urgency or the demands of life.

Even if there was no more time, which will certainly happen at some point and somehow, as a life balance and preparation for the Last Judgement of the individual could no longer take place, then my person would be ready for the last flight,** but it would have to fit exactly in terms of time!

With kind regards

Ursula Sabisch


HP: In the meantime, it would be really important to know or find out what has "been going on" with the people in ................... .... my person and that of my sister.

Some mental disorders or even illnesses including ....  ........... could find out my person, but unfortunately my person doesn't know the generic terms for these clinical pictures!

19.01.2024 **  Of course, this only applies on the condition that the major weaknesses in the control of the Monumental-Area are eliminated by allowing my person to accept her hard-earned pocket money, as demanded several times!